Take a lesson or two from our four legged kids

Do you ever think what a planet would be like if it was only a planet that dogs lived on?  What would that be like? Well, if they all had their meals, it would probably be pretty harmonious, because usually dogs fight over food.  That’s not the only thing of course, you can add other factors like who the alpha dog is, over a mother protecting her babies.  But for the most part, I do believe that we need to slow down in this fast paced world we are all in; and take a lesson or two from our four legged, furry kids.

Why do I say this? Because I feel that the world has had a shift into becoming a lot more harsh, judgmental (can you name any current events that divided races in some peoples mind, think football or basketball if you need a hint) and just dark on how we treat one another.  In recovery, one thing you learn, is to not look for the differences in someone (or their story), you try to seek out the similarities.  And we can also take a que from our dogs, as for the most part are extremely loving, non-judging, and unconditional.  We, as the human race are evolving into a smart race full of technology, but we are going backwards when it comes to treating our fellow men and women.  Have you ever seen a room full of puppies, it’s quite a scene as the jump around, catching balls and what not because they are living in the moment enjoying each others company.  I think, we need to take a step back, next time before we are quick to condemn, judge or prosecute.

With that being said, we need to be a little kinder, a little happier, a little less greedy, and a little less miserable.   I’ll close out this week, with a little music by one Mr. Lenny Kravitz, he hits it out of the park, and saying we need to “let love rule” a little more with the people we live with, pass by on the street with, and so on.  Enjoy.  Time to go feed my two gremlins. (**



Time on my side?

Drugs are a waste of time in general.  Wither it’s waiting in a shady neighborhood for a dealer, or fading away from a long  binge or hangover, is it worth it?  No.  When I think about all the time I have wasted, it almost makes me want to puke.  If I had a penny for every hour waiting, craving, or thinking about drugs, I’d be close to a millionaire.

It isn’t worth the agony, pain, or despair, when the fact is I could be doing better things in life that are a lot more productive.  Despite all the mental and spiritual damage these chemicals may cause, it also, what I like to call “time damage”.  I guess you can say this for any addictions from being on Facebook all day to obsessing over sex constantly.  Instead, pouring  some of that (if not all of it) that “damaged time” into sometime I am completely passionate about.

For years,  when my addiction sky rocketed into insanity, I lost something I truly loved in life.  That is playing music.  Playing the guitar after 20 years had vanished; as my acoustic guitar(s) became the unwanted step-children in the room and collected dust.  Well, I’m happy to say the dust is being wiped off, as I have reunited with my guitar and my love for writing music.  I also started working on new songs for The Reunion 4, something I have not done in over 8 years.  So, there is hope, as there can be “time damage” no more!


Cover Songs! Ordinary Love meets Careless Whisper!

Welcome all to my musical edition taking the rock from the ruff to recovery.  Even thought I’m on a Lorde kick (17 from New Zealand, what sheep farm is she from?  Let alone planet?)   I’m taking que here from my co-writer partner, Carol Neilands (who you can find here on WP at which we will discuss our music adventures here from time to time; so watch out, this woman from down under knows her shit!

She hits this exotic, and neurotic Sade head on, Carl points out “The Deftones’ hypnotic underwater metal rendition of “No Ordinary Love”, elevated by Chino’s breathy vocals, is an outstanding example, bringing the song into the 21st century. Yet Sade’s original is extraordinary also. Ideally you want to jam the song in a way the original failed to do.”  It’s that underwater mist of fresh air that Chino dishes out (think “Digital Bath”) that makes this cover so crisp, and orgasmic to a listener’s ears.  Explore it with me, will you?



Going from across the world from Sacramento, California to South Africa, one of my favorite cover songs (like ever) that just builds with drama is “Careless Whisper” from the band, Seether.  This guy is really jaded, and “ignorance is kind, there is not comfort in the truth, pain is all you find.”  If anyone knows this element, it’s one lead singer with the name of Shaun Morgan.  “We could of been so good together?  Now who’s gonna dance with me?”  I imagine Shaun, in RECOVERY, coming out of a bad breakup with Amy Lee (of Evanescence short fame and glory) sitting around looking to do an album filler at the time.  And, he hits platinum with George Micheal’s (who the hell is he dancing with, not sure here) dramatic epic song.  Carol points out “In my humble opinion, this version of George Michael’s 1984 blue-eyed soul smash hit, from Seether’s 2007 album “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces”, really, really nails the song. In doing so it transforms a slightly cheesy pop tune into a cool, edgy classic. The best cover song ever?”

Yes, charmbags, hands down, BEST COVER SONG EVER (with a close second by The Deftones).  Enjoy!~




A friend told me that saying yesterday, and I really do believe this one and take this comment to heart. Here, you see, Cali and Patches, enjoying a their morning playtime and hike. I will make sure they have nothing but good things to say when they eventually reach Heaven’s Gate. I’m throwing down some fun, music blog this Sunday (A little review of my favorite guitar duo, Roderigo Y Gabriela, stay tunned!)

Dissconection (And Dogs Know it!)`

It’s not hard for dogs to figure out when something just isn’t quite right. They have a sense (a feel) that many people in the world that, we, as humans do not. I call it the “dog sense” a sense that they can tell when things are going either very well or very badly. My dog, Patches, is the symbol for the “dog sense”. When I am high or depressed, he knows it, and this makes him very nervous, unhappy, and unsettled. There is a huge void and become disconnected. And dogs know, they just do.

I was going to title this post, “If you trust my than you must really be f**king stupid” because it takes time for an addict to regain anyone’s trust. I’ve have lied and burned so many bridges with friends and family members, there aren’t enough bridges in London from keeping me from falling down. And when I fail, and do use, it’s apparent in the dogs eyes, as they are pissed off and now a part of that group of the bridges I have burned. That just goes to show, why, we as addicts in recovery have to work hard every moment to regain the love, trust and support from our friends, family members and pets.

This blog is not all about gloom and doom, but it’s also about realism. Someone asked me why I am standoffish and not loving. Maybe I’m just a fucking asshole, or it could be a combination of the drugs and being a Virgo. With that, I figure, well, it’s time we bring some music to the party. So, I’ll here and give this new track by South African band, Seether, listen to the lyrics. Maybe a few of you can relate, but at this moment in time, without a doubt this here is my theme songs. Cheeers!