The other night I was asked to participate in a talent show here in Prescott at the annual Shoestring roundup.  I play guitar here and there (actually a lot,  as I put out three albums with my instrumental band the Reunion, the last one being in 2002. We will get to that later in future posts).  With that being said, I was a little nervous, but had fun anyway, playing a short but sweet piece called “Barcelona” off my album, Closure.  It’s a little ode to masters Rodrigo y Gabriela.  I hope you enjoy it.  Cheers!



I Am Spellbound????

Recovery isn’t easy at times.  We have a rule here that we have to get to our 9th step before being able to talk to members of the opposite sex.  With this, I made some words based off the excellent Milan band,  Lacuna Coil and the lovely Cristina Scabbia.  Cheers!

Walk away,

I am Spellbound,

You melt me,

You are power,

Blinded by

you wicked beauty,

I can’t see

inner beauty,


Calls my name out,

Break this ban,

Take my hand,

Burn it down,

To the ground,

Will I last?

I don’t know,

When your eyes

Always f**k

with me,

Hear me out,

Selfish bout,

Energy goes,

Where energy flows,

As you stare

me down,

Make me Spellbound!






In 2002, I discovered the one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela in Guitar World magazine.  Since then, I watched this duo (originally from Mexico City and getting their big start in the streets of Ireland) play from Phoenix to Las Vegas, and just recently, in Seattle at the historic Paramount Theater.  There is nothing out there that beats the sound of Gabriela’s one of a kind strumming mixed in with Rodrigo quick picking guitar licks.  I could talk about them for hours, as they are almost a music obsession.  Without further introduction, for those who are yet to discover this brilliant duo, I give you Rodrigo Y Gabriela. ENJOY!!




Monsoon Season

Nothing beats a mid-afternoon thunderstorm; as the monsoon season begins here in Prescott, Arizona.  The crisp crack of thunder and the flash of lightning (I have a fear of lightning called Astraphobia) surrounds me.  Besides that, I love monsoon season.  Keeping that in mind, I came across a Beatles cover of Rain.  Done by Matthew Sweet, and the beautiful, Sussana Hoffs (of The Bangles), this will make you want to dance away in the a afternoon shower.  Enjoy!!