Muddy Good Time :)

Patches, starting off his Sunday taking a cool mud bath. When we go to the dogpark, Patches enjoys heading over to the “mud swamp”. Mud is not only soothing and relaxing for humans skin, it also brings dogs to a calm, serene feel while cleansing their fur.  All Patches needs are some cucumbers over his eyes, green facial cream, and he will be in a golden bliss of positive energy 🙂



“Oh, Really????”

Not too long ago, one typical day, a gentlemen made quite a bold statement to me. He said, “Your dogs will be the death of you”. I guess, by saying this, he must not know my dogs, or not like dogs altogether. I rubbed this ridiculous comment off; realizing this man holds on tight to his over saturated ego. It’s sad he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. No names will be given here so we can preserve the innocence of the dumb. I must add, that this man bases his life on infecting others with intimidation and fear in order to reap profits in his capitalistic venture. A venture that is supposed to be based off humility, faith, brotherly love and a higher power. I have to laugh because not only are my dogs the world to me; they have saved my life in more ways than one. I will pray for this gentleman (knowing if he reads this he will tell others to stray away from me and my dogs) because he doesn’t have a f**king clue when he speaks. The song, “Ridiculous Thoughts” by The Cranberries is the perfect fit for this conversation. Enjoy!



Strange Object in the Sky?


Recently, a friend of mine took this unusual picture in Prescott Valley, Arizona. At a first glance, you would think it’s just a pretty cloud image. But, if you zoom in to the top of the cloud, you will notice a green round shaped ball. What is this? A satellite, weather balloon, a UFO?? Kind of odd in the middle of the day? Whatever it is, you decide!☺