My Top Three Dog Movies

There is nothing like having a good laugh or cry while watching a movie.  And as everyone knows; a good dog story will always do that to us.  I am a big fan of well made dog films.  Dog movies seem to bring out the best in our emotions.  I also feel these movies give us even a closer connection to our beloved four legged kids.  We all come to terms on how most of these dog movies end.  Although extremely sad; dog movies make us truly grateful for the gift of life.  Here are my top three favorite dog films (in order).  What are yours?


HACI, A DOG’S TALE.  Based on a true story, this movie is based on loyalty.  There’s just something about beautiful dog that waits ten years at a train station for his owner that never returns.


MARLEY AND ME, This is an excellent Hollywood adaption of John Grogan’s best selling novel.  This has it all, from wonderful casting, to laughs and cries about the world’s worst dog, Marley.

SEVEN BELOW.  Starring the late Paul Walker; this film is based on actual events of a 1958 illfated Japanese expedition to Antarctica.  I have a true appreciate for Siberian Huskies.





Autumn comes in full swing; turning into the cold, crisp air of winter. Just like the ttransformation of seasons; we must fully embrace sobriety. Through the trails in recovery, we see a beautiful change in all of us,



Three Songs That Will Make You Smile!!

I must admit when it comes to music lately, I am a true, blue fan of female front women.  Coming from a heavy metal, jam band background, you maybe surprised I say this.  There’s just something about a female’s voice that eases the mind and soul.  And with this past year full of carnival rides in my life; I truly need that solace that this type of music brings.  So far, 2014 has brought some extremely catchy songs from female artists.  I present my top three favorite songs of 2014 from female musicians (in no particular order).  And the winners are:


CHRISTINA PERRI.  BURNING GOLD.  There’s something about that line, “I had enough” that rings true to my life when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  It’s definitely not ironic.


SIA. CHANDELIER.  This tune puts the C in Catchy.  You will be singing “One, two, three, one, two, three…”  all the way down the highway.


ECHOSMITH. COOL KIDS.  Not only does this song get my vote for top three, but this band (all siblings from California) wins me over, hands down, for favorite band.


“She thinks she missed the train to Mars……”

I am 41 years old.  I am currently undergoing a mid-life crises, going crazy, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.  If that is the given situation?  Oh well, so be it.  No one is perfect, right?

There is one major factor I notice a lot with people in recovery.  (Maybe this thought contributes to my state of mind at the moment).  Addicts and alcoholics just love to talk about themselves.  A case of total, undeniable narcissism.  And yes,  I definitely fall under this category.  Find me an AA or Na meeting where a fellow alcoholic isn’t dying to tell their story; and I would tell you that you’re shit out of luck!

Yes, all these programs with an A in it that fight the horrors and trials of constant addiction are truly unreal, selfish fucking programs.  It’s all about ME, ME, ME!  Look at ME!  Listen to me!  How many “likes” or comments can I get on my Twitter or Facebook page!  Come on people, LOOK AT ME!

For me personally, yes I do like and enjoy these “A” programs.  And sure, with my history, I do need them and do attend these meetings.  But honestly, I’d rather know if  “she’s out back counting stars…”   Until next time, Enjoy!



Cover Songs (Revisted)

A few months back, I touched upon my favorite cover songs. “Careless Whisper” cover by Seether, and “Ordinary Love” done by The Deftones got my blood boiling.  There’s so many excellent cover songs out there, I decided do this segment from time to time.

Today, I look at one of my favorite female fronted bands, Lacuna Coil covering “Enjoy the Silence” originally written Depeche Mode.  Christina Scabbia is the perfect singer to rehash this 80’s hit.  They do an amazing job turning this into their own, yet sticking to the original feel.  With lyrics like “Words are unnecessary” that are powerful and meaningful, Lacuna Coil hits this cover right on the money.

Another 80’s hit, “Drive” originally done by The Cars, is overtaken here by The Deftones.  Being one of my favorite bands of all the time; The Deftones have an arsenal of amazing covers.  You may find this pop rock 80’s tune a little odd for a band like The Deftones to cover.  Yet, Chino and the boys pull this off without a hitch.  Give it a listen yourself and decide if you want to look further in The Deftones catalog.

I’ll be back with some more off the wall, mind-mesmerizing covers!