My Top Three Dog Movies

There is nothing like having a good laugh or cry while watching a movie.  And as everyone knows; a good dog story will always do that to us.  I am a big fan of well made dog films.  Dog movies seem to bring out the best in our emotions.  I also feel these movies give us even a closer connection to our beloved four legged kids.  We all come to terms on how most of these dog movies end.  Although extremely sad; dog movies make us truly grateful for the gift of life.  Here are my top three favorite dog films (in order).  What are yours?


HACI, A DOG’S TALE.  Based on a true story, this movie is based on loyalty.  There’s just something about beautiful dog that waits ten years at a train station for his owner that never returns.


MARLEY AND ME, This is an excellent Hollywood adaption of John Grogan’s best selling novel.  This has it all, from wonderful casting, to laughs and cries about the world’s worst dog, Marley.

SEVEN BELOW.  Starring the late Paul Walker; this film is based on actual events of a 1958 illfated Japanese expedition to Antarctica.  I have a true appreciate for Siberian Huskies.