Our Guardians

Whether you believe in God, angels, aliens, etc., every single one of us walking on this earth has a guardian. Usually, when you hear the definition of “guardian” most of the time it refers to something mysterious or spiritual. The guardian might be a friend, parent or close relative that is no longer walking on this sacred earth.

I had an experience the other evening while I was at a casino in Palm Springs that was a little bit out of the ordinary. I was also there with my good friend, Sheila, that I went to high school with 25 years ago. Now, what makes this story odd is Joe (a person I met in the casino) did not know me from Adam. Yet, what he did know was that I have an extremely important person (i.e. Sheila) in my life.  It was almost as if Joe was dropped out of a spaceship just for that moment of time to explain why Shelia has come (or returned) into my life at this certain history of time. Everything that came out of Joe’s mouth made complete and perfect sense to me.

Do you ever feel there are certain moments in this strange life that people enter to carry a message to you, even if it’s just in passing? Well, I certainly believe my big guardian (my grandfather) put Sheila in my life now and he had to send Joe down to tell me to wake the f#%k up with this woman.  Appreciate her, be kind and respectful, and do not take whatever this friendship is for granted. And as Joe went on his way; he left me with this song playing in my head.


Maybe that’s why I’m Jaded?

I’d like to point out something here that I really never realized while I was married.  Watch this opening scene from the movie “Closer” to the Seether video.  Now, this was a typical conversation I would have from time to time with my ex-wife.  Bing, Zoom, Bam, light bulb just went off in my demented brain.  No wonder I am jaded when it comes to falling in another relationship; although it would be nice to go to movies with someone besides myself once in a while.

I’m definitely not saying this was my ex-wife’s fault.  I had quite the role to play in this twisted behavior.  By no means was I a saintly altar boy in my failed marriage. Relationships are hard enough; top it off with drugs and alcohol (call out Bingo) and you and your partner are on a one way slide that isn’t headed towards Candyland.   I surely don’t regret my marriage and still love my ex-wife very much.  But, I have to ask myself why I did it?  Was it the thing to do at 32?  Was turning my childhood crush into a reality a smart, well thought out decision?  Or was I looking for something to fill the deep dark void that drugs and alcohol could not fill?  The third one sounds about right.

I firmly advocate if you are struggling with a major addiction, you should maybe take a backseat to that ideal life of love and romance.  They don’t suggest in AA to get sober the first year before diving into the “cat and mouse game” for no apparent reason.  There are solid reasons behind that valuable advice.  Give it time, get to know and understand yourself before deciding to make another person’s life wonderful or miserable. 

As for myself, I’ll continue to dance with “these guilty feet that got no rhythm.”


Being Human

Recently, I read an article in Modern Dog magazine about dating people with dogs. Being quite single, this perked my interest. What I found interesting were the statistics:
53% of people are likely to break up with a person that did not like their dog.
48% of people would not date someone their dog did not like (dogs know best right?)
25% of people think that owning a dog is an asset to dating life (I’m in luck!).
When surveyed about typical human traits:
73% answered kind (That’s me!)
66% answered loyal
80% answered responsible (sure, now being sober).

So, with those facts, I have a shot of ending up with a future potential mate. And my senses say lately, don’t seek it and don’t obsess over it. I’ll end on the human connector song, “Human” by Las Vegas band, The Killers. “Are we human or are we dancer?”