Welcome to My Blog!

What have I gotten myself into?  How did we get in this fucking mess?  My name is Todd, and I have suffered for many years to a disease called addiction.  It’s been a bad and deadly journey; especially the past three years.  I have suffered, my dogs, family, and close friends have suffered even more. My music career fucking tanked.  Well, that is it.  I am starting this blog to create a positive new energy in my life.   One day at a time; that is truly what we have. I am truly grateful for my higher power, my sponsor, and AA that I’m finally starting to “get it”.

Spend some time here, why don’t you?  This will be a ride you won’t forget; I will either beat this thing called addiction or I won’t.  All I know is, addiction is a real mother fucker, and it’s a progressive disease and it will kill.  So, let’s hope this won’t be the case as I offer some fun, rock, dog advice, and wisdom of all my experiences.


Come join me, won’t you?


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