Learn from your dogs, LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!



I’m sure you heard this a million times; LIVE IN THE PRESENT! Easier said then done!  With life stresses in this world of continual advancing technology; we are always on some fast track time machine to the future or present.  Our heads are spinning so quickly at times, we don’t know which way is left!!

I have recently caught myself saying this to myself lately, “Live in the moment because the past just pisses you off and the future just worries me”.  Again, easier said than done!  With that in mind, I try to catch my warped brain either contemplating a situation that hasn’t even happened yet or back logging on some random event from the past.

One real to keep in the moment and live in the present is to LEARN FROM OUR DOGS!  They are “so in the moment” wither playing with tennis balls, driving in cars, or jumping in a pool.  Ever notice a sad dog five minutes after peeing in the house?  Probably not (not because dogs don’t have memories, studies say otherwise and I know they do) it’s because dogs are always loving life and living in the moment.  Next time you catch yourself in an “off mood” it’s probably because you are not present.  Watch your dogs, they may just teach you a thing or three!